About Us

We pride ourselves to be the best Cell Phone Repair shop in Charlotte, NC. With 8 years of high-end cell phone repair experience, Ultra Wireless has consistently been referred by Verizon, At&t, Sprint, and T-Mobile stores.

We repair all phones: Samsung Galaxy and Note series, iPhones 6-11, as well as LG. With the quickest turnaround, we can fix any screen on most popular cellphones in 20 minutes. Backglass, battery replacement, camera issues, charging ports, and more.

We can unlock any iPhone in 10 minutes If you wish to use it with another carrier. For any type of repair or unlocking service, simply call or text us for a quote. We will get it done fast and at an affordable price. No appointment needed. You can walk into the shop anytime during business hours to have your phone repaired. Lastly, we offer a variety of unlocked cellphones as well as accessories, tempered glass, cases, and more.

Thank you for looking at our website and have a blessed day!